Ranking the 2019 NFL Media Guides: NFC East

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The 2019 NFL season is nearly upon us, and to celebrate I’m doing something new to introduce the new season of team media guides. Today’s edition covers the four squads of the NFC East — the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and Washington Redskins.

Here are the previous editions: AFC North | NFC North | AFC South | NFC South | AFC East.

Dallas Cowboys

NFL Media Guide: Dallas Cowboys (2019)

Now this is an interesting design. The photo of DeMarcus Lawrence is fine, but I’m sort of fascinated by those graphics. Grade: B

New York Giants

NFL Media Guide: New York Giants (2019)

I like the stadium reflection in the helmet visor. Very clever. Grade: B+

Philadelphia Eagles

NFL Media Guide: Philadelphia Eagles (2019)

Well this is just a totally lackluster effort by the Eagles. Blech. Grade: D-

Washington Redskins

NFL Media Guide: Washington Redskins (2019)

Not a fan of the typeface on 2019 but otherwise this is very solid. We’ll overlook the fact that the Redskins haven’t played in DC proper in two-plus decades. Grade: B+