2019 MLB Media Guides Are Incoming

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The 2019 MLB regular season is fast approaching, and so far I have just over half of the league’s media guides up on the site. More will be added this month.

You can head right over to our 2019 MLB cover index to start, but let’s take a look at some highlights thus far. As we usually see, teams are paying tribute to the new class of Hall of Famers:

Chicago White Sox Media Guide
Chicago White Sox – Harold Baines
Seattle Mariners Media Guide
Seattle Mariners – Edgar Martinez

The Twins are paying tribute to Joe Mauer, who will have his number retired this season:

Minnesota Twins media guide

The Cincinnati Reds are celebrating their 150th year as a professional club:

Cincinnati Reds media guide

And finally, both the Philles and Blue Jays are honoring the late Hall of Famer Roy Halladay:

Philadelphia Phillies media guide

2019 Toronto Blue Jays media guide