2018 MLB Media Guides Are Coming!

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The 2018 MLB season is nearly upon us, so I’ve been feverishly at work gathering all the team publications I can. I have just over half of the league’s media guides published already, with more to come over the next few weeks.

You can check out the 2018 MLB season index to see the collection as it grows, but I want to highlight a few of my early favorites here.

2018 Houston Astros media guide
Houston Astros

I have to recognize the defending World Series champion Houston Astros first. While the design isn’t super original it is well-executed.

2018 Oakland A's media guide
Oakland A’s

The early contender for best media guide of the year goes to the Oakland A’s, who celebrate their 50th season in town after moving from Kansas City. Look, any time a club puts old tickets and programs on their publications, it speaks to me.

Elsewhere, other Major League teams are celebrating anniversaries this year. Let’s take a look.

2018 Kansas City Royals media guide
Kansas City Royals
2018 San Francisco Giants media guide
San Francisco Giants
2018 Tampa Bay Rays media guide
Tampa Bay Rays

Lastly, we have some Hall of Famers to celebrate this year. And while I haven’t yet seen if the Braves or Padres have decided to honor their inductees, I know the Angels and Tigers have.

2018 Los Angeles Angels media guide
Los Angeles Angels
2018 Detroit Tigers media guide
Detroit Tigers