Welcome to SportsPaper.info!

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Welcome to the new home for my Press Room project, now and hereafter dubbed conveniently enough as SportsPaper.info!

This started off as just one of many ephemera-centered sub-sites on my Man in the Gray Flannel Suit page, but has quickly grown to contain several hundred sports programs, scorecards, yearbooks, media guides, and more. And so I thought the time was right to give this collection a home of its own.

The vast majority of my digital image collection will of course be found on the main SportsPaper.info site. This blog, then is a place both for random sports-related treasures that may not properly fit into the main collection, as well as some personally curated items from my collection.

Over on the right you’ll find some thumbnails with links to the newest additions to the main site collection. And of course I’ll continue to share lots of great stuff on both my Twitter and Facebook pages.

That’s about it for now. If this is your first time visiting, welcome! And if you’re a regular visitor, thanks for all your support so far. Be sure to spread the word about SportsPaper.info as much as you can. I don’t make any money off this venture — other than to cover hosting costs — so public adulation is my payment.