Golden State Warriors NBA Finals Championship Programs

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Not to jinx things, but it sure seems as if the Golden State Warriors are well on their way to their sixth NBA Finals championship. I mean, they can’t possibly blow a 3-0 lead over the Cavaliers can they?

So in recognition of the Warriors’ growing résumé of league championships, here is a gallery of programs from each of their previous five title series. I am not including series they lost, but I am including their first title in the old BAA.

1947 BAA Finals (Philadelphia Warriors vs. Chicago Stags)
1947 vs. Chicago Stags
1956 NBA Finals (Philadelphia Warriors vs. Fort Wayne Pistons)
1956 vs. Fort Wayne Pistons
1975 NBA Finals (Golden State Warriors vs. Washington Bullets)
1975 vs. Washington Bullets
2015 NBA Finals (Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers)
2015 vs. Cleveland Cavaliers
2017 NBA Finals (Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers)
2017 vs. Cleveland Cavaliers