Sticker Album: 1968-69 California Clippers

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Here is a curio from the heady days of mid-century American soccer. It’s a sticker for the short-lived California Clippers, formerly the Oakland Clippers of the National Professional Soccer League (NPSL) and North American Soccer League (NASL).

1968-69 California Clippers soccer sticker

Here is some of the relevant history of the Clippers and how they came to drop the “Oakland” part of their name. From Wikipedia:

The North American Soccer League was near collapse in September 1968. Having no possible League opponents west of Dallas, Texas and wanting to maintain the team while waiting for the NASL to become reconstituted, the Clippers began playing an independent schedule as the California Clippers against top foreign club teams. These efforts included bringing to the United States for the first time a team from the Soviet Union, league club champion Dynamo Kiev. The three-game match up was split with a win and a tie for each. Alarmed by the success of the Clippers and concerned that such an independent schedule might thwart plans for a reconstituted NASL, the United States Soccer-Football Association placed restrictions on the Clippers and prevented them from arranging any further international games. Just before the ban, the Clippers defeated Italian league champion Fiorentina in their final game by a score of 4-2 and posted an exhibition match record of 7-6-2. The Clippers ceased operations on June 4, 1969.