Grey Cup Program Gallery: Toronto Argonauts vs. Calgary Stampeders

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It’s rather amazing to consider that in the long histories of both the Toronto Argonauts and Calgary Stampeders — with a combined 37 Grey Cup appearances — the two teams have met to decide the CFL championship just three times. Well, before this season anyway.

So this gallery of Grey Cup programs featuring all prior matchups between the Argos and Stamps is really more a mini-gallery, with covers from just the 1971, 1991, and 2012 games.

1971 Grey Cup (Calgary Stamepders vs. Toronto Argonauts)
1971: Calgary 14, Toronto 11
1991 Grey Cup (Toronto Argonauts vs. Calgary Stamepders)
1991: Toronto 36, Calgary 21
2012 Grey Cup (Calgary Stamepders vs. Toronto Argonauts)
2012: Toronto 35, Calgary 22