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Location Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Opened September 30, 1967
Closed October 31, 2009
Demolished November 2010-May 2011
Other Names Wachovia Spectrum (2003-09)
First Union Spectrum (1998-2003)
CoreStates Spectrum (1994-98)
Spectrum (1967-94)
Tenants Philadelphia 76ers (1967-96)
Philadelphia Flyers (1967-96)
Philadelphia Phantoms (1996-2004, 2005-09)

The Spectrum was an indoor arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It opened in September 1967 as part of what is now known as the South Philadelphia Sports Complex. The last event at the Spectrum was a Pearl Jam concert on October 31, 2009. The arena was demolished between November 2010 and May 2011. The site of the Spectrum is currently a parking lot.

List of credited publications

League Date/Season Team(s) Type
National Hockey League 1968-69 Philadelphia Flyers vs. St. Louis Blues Postseason Program
National Hockey League January 20, 1976 Campbell Conference vs. Wales Conference NHL All-Star Game Program
National Basketball Association October 14, 1977 Houston Rockets vs. Washington Bullets Program
College basketball March 28 & 30, 1981 Indiana, LSU, North Carolina, Virginia Final Four Program
National Hockey League January 18, 1992 Campbell Conference vs. Wales Conference NHL All-Star Game Program
December 6, 1992 Philadelphia Flyers vs. Boston Bruins Program
February 9, 1993 Philadelphia Flyers vs. Ottawa Senators Program
1994-95 Philadelphia Flyers vs. New Jersey Devils Postseason Program
1995-96 Philadelphia Flyers Program
1996-97 Philadelphia Flyers Program
Philadelphia Flyers vs. Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup Finals Program

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