Forbes Field

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Forbes Field
Location Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Opened June 30, 1909
Closed June 28, 1970
Demolished 1971
Other Names n/a
Tenants Pittsburgh Pirates (1909-70)
Pittsburgh Steelers (1933-63)
Pittsburgh Panthers (1909-24)

Forbes Field was a baseball park in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The stadium was named after its adjacent street, Forbes Ave., itself named for British general John Forbes, who fought in the French and Indian War and named the city in 1758.

List of credited publications

League Date/Season Team(s) Type
Major League Baseball 1922 Pittsburgh Pirates Program
1933 Pittsburgh Pirates Program
1946 Pittsburgh Pirates Program
1949 Pittsburgh Pirates Program
National Football League September 17, 1950 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New York Giants Program
October 14, 1951 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. San Francisco 49ers Program
October 24, 1953 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Green Bay Packers Program
September 9, 1962 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Colts Program

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