Cleveland Arena

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Cleveland Arena
Location Cleveland, Ohio
Opened 1937
Other Names n/a
Tenants Cleveland Cavaliers (1970-74)
Cleveland Crusaders (1972-1974)
Cincinnati Royals (1966-70)
Cleveland Rebels (1946-1947)

Cleveland Arena was an arena in Cleveland, Ohio. It was built and privately financed by local businessman Albert C. Sutphin during the height of the Great Depression in 1937 as a playing site for Sutphin's AHL team, the Cleveland Barons. The arena was at 3717 Euclid Avenue, and seated 10 000+ in the stands and 12,500+ for events such as boxing where floor seating was available.

List of credited publications

League Date/Season Team(s) Type
National Basketball Association 1971-72 Cleveland Cavaliers Program
1972-73 Cleveland Cavaliers Program
1973-74 Cleveland Cavaliers Program

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