Chicago Coliseum

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Chicago Coliseum
Location Chicago, Illinois
Opened 1899
Closed March 13, 1971
Demolished 1982, early 1990s
Other Names n/a
Tenants Chicago Zephyrs (1962-63)
Chicago Blackhawks (1926-29)

Chicago Coliseum was the name applied to three large indoor arenas in Chicago, Illinois, which stood successively from the 1860s to 1982. They served as venues for sports events, large (national-class) conventions, and as exhibition halls.

The first Coliseum hosted horse shows, boxing matches, and circus acts beginning in 1866. The arena's history is hazy as there are no accurate sources as to when it opened or closed. The second Coliseum, in the Woodlawn neighborhood on the city's south side, opened in June 1896 and hosted several college football games. The building was completely destroyed by fire on December 24, 1897.

The third Coliseum opened in 1899 and closed in 1971 due to fire code violations. It was partially demolished in 1982 and was finally demolished completely in the early 1990s.

Other cover appearances

League Date/Season Team(s) Type
National Basketball Association 1962-63 Chicago Zephyrs Program

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