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Southwest Conference
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The Southwest Conference (SWC) was an NCAA Division I college athletic conference in the United States that existed from 1914 to 1996. Composed primarily of schools from Texas, at various times the conference included schools from Oklahoma and Arkansas, but no schools from the actual Southwestern United States.

The SWC officially came into existence on December 8, 1914, when the original eight member schools agreed on a constitution for what was then known as the Southwest Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SIAC). Those eight schools were Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, Arkansas, Oklahoma University, Oklahoma A&M University (now Oklahoma State), Southwestern University, and Rice, which was admitted provisionally.


All former members

School Years Active Next Conference
Arkansas 1915-91 Southeastern Conference (SEC)
Baylor 1915-96 Big 12 Conference
Houston 1972-96 Conference USA
Oklahoma 1915-19 Missouri Valley Conference
Oklahoma A&M 1915-25 Missouri Valley Conference
Phillips 1920 Independent
Rice 1915-17 provisional, 1918-96 Western Athletic Conference (WAC)
SMU 1918-96 Western Athletic Conference (WAC)
Southwestern 1915-16 Independent
Texas 1915-96 Big 12 Conference
Texas A&M 1915-96 Big 12 Conference
TCU 1923-96 Western Athletic Conference (WAC)
Texas Tech 1956-96 Big 12 Conference


Programs by season


Season/Date Opponent Venue
February 28, March 4-6, 1976 1976 Southwest Conference Men's Basketball Tournament Moody Coliseum


Season/Date Opponent Venue
March 7-9, 1986 1986 Southwest Conference Men's Basketball Tournament Reunion Arena

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