1975 WFL season

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The 1975 WFL season was the second and last season of the World Football League. The 1975 season was to be an 18-game season over a twenty-week schedule but the league abruptly folded in October.


Week Date Teams Venue
Preseason July 5, 1975 Southern California Sun vs. San Antonio Wings Anaheim Stadium
July 12, 1975 Birmingham Vulcans vs. Portland Thunder Legion Field
July 14, 1975 Southern California Sun vs. Memphis Southmen Anaheim Stadium
July 19, 1975 Shreveport Steamer vs. Birmingham Vulcans State Fair Stadium
July 19, 1975 Philadelphia Bell vs. Southern California Sun Franklin Field
July 26, 1975 Jacksonville Express vs. The Hawaiians Gator Bowl
July 26, 1975 Shreveport Steamer vs. Memphis Southmen State Fair Stadium
July 27, 1975 Portland Thunder vs. Philadelphia Bell Civic Stadium
Week 1 August 2, 1975 Birmingham Vulcans vs. Chicago Winds Legion Field
August 2, 1975 Philadelphia Bell vs. The Hawaiians Franklin Field
August 2, 1975 Memphis Southmen vs. Jacksonville Express Memphis Memorial Stadium
August 3, 1975 Southern California Sun vs. Portland Thunder Anaheim Stadium
Week 2 August 9, 1975 Shreveport Steamer vs. Chicago Winds State Fair Stadium
August 9, 1975 Portland Thunder vs. The Hawaiians Civic Stadium
August 9, 1975 Birmingham Vulcans vs. Philadelphia Bell Legion Field
August 9, 1975 San Antonio Wings vs. Southern California Sun Alamo Stadium
Week 3 August 16, 1975 Jacksonville Express vs. Birmingham Vulcans Gator Bowl
August 16, 1975 Portland Thunder vs. Chicago Winds Soldier Field
August 16, 1975 Charlotte Hornets vs. San Antonio Wings American Legion Memorial Stadium
Week 4 August 23, 1975 Philadelphia Bell vs. Memphis Southmen Franklin Field
August 23, 1975 Jacksonville Express vs. San Antonio Wings Gator Bowl
August 23, 1975 Birmingham Vulcans vs. Southern California Sun Legion Field
August 23, 1975 Portland Thunder vs. Shreveport Steamer Civic Stadium
Week 5 August 29, 1975 Southern California Sun vs. Philadelphia Bell Anaheim Stadium
August 30, 1975 Memphis Southmen vs. Chicago Winds Memphis Memorial Stadium
August 30, 1975 San Antonio Wings vs. Portland Thunder Alamo Stadium
August 30, 1975 Birmingham Vulcans vs. Shreveport Steamer Legion Field
Week 6 September 6, 1975 Shreveport Steamer vs. Jacksonville Express State Fair Stadium
September 7, 1975 San Antonio Wings vs. Southern California Sun Alamo Stadium
Week 7 September 13, 1975 Birmingham Vulcans vs. San Antonio Wings Legion Field
September 14, 1975 Southern California Sun vs. Charlotte Hornets Anaheim Stadium
September 14, 1975 Memphis Southmen vs. Shreveport Steamer Memphis Memorial Stadium
Week 8 September 20, 1975 Jacksonville Express vs. Philadelphia Bell Gator Bowl
September 20, 1975 Shreveport Steamer vs. Southern California Sun State Fair Stadium
September 21, 1975 Birmingham Vulcans vs. Charlotte Hornets Legion Field
Week 9 September 27, 1975 Charlotte Hornets vs. Southern California Sun American Legion Memorial Stadium
September 28, 1975 Shreveport Steamer vs. The Hawaiians State Fair Stadium
September 28, 1975 San Antonio Wings vs. Memphis Southmen Alamo Stadium
Week 10 October 4, 1975 Jacksonville Express vs. Portland Thunder Gator Bowl
October 5, 1975 Shreveport Steamer vs. Charlotte Hornets State Fair Stadium
October 5, 1975 Memphis Southmen vs. Southern California Sun Memphis Memorial Stadium
Week 11 October 12, 1975 Southern California Sun vs. Shreveport Steamer Anaheim Stadium
Week 12 October 18, 1975 Philadelphia Bell vs. Charlotte Hornets Franklin Field
October 19, 1975 Portland Thunder vs. Jacksonville Express Civic Stadium
October 19, 1975 Birmingham Vulcans vs. Memphis Southmen Legion Field
October 19, 1975 Shreveport Steamer vs. San Antonio Wings State Fair Stadium
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