Site Update: Now You Can Browse Covers by Venue

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When I reorganized this site earlier this year/late last year, I had a few ideas for ways to make finding covers even easier and to also allow you to find them by means other than years, teams, or leagues.

As the first step in this process, I’ve started publishing venue-specific indexes to show listings for all covers for stadiums. The index, which has just a handful of entries right now, is here.

So now if you want to see a listing for all the covers I have for games played at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, you can just click the link from any cover page, season index, or team index to see it. Neat, right?

In the future I hope to roll out not just more indexes for venues, but even indexes to find covers by particular artists/photographers. Of course, any help provided via my Patreon page would speed all of these efforts along, so please consider contributing today.


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